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Anonymous whispered: Hi. I was looking around your blog for a wcif page but I didn't see one. I was just wondering where you got the baby carrier for Anaya, on your last post.

Im sorry I havent made a link yet for my wcif page boo. Ill have one up soon. The carseat is a unreleased conversion Im still working on. =]

April  18 7

Somebody had fun with their daddy


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Anonymous whispered: I'm so happy to be able to read Anaya's story! Loving it so far!

THIS means so much to me!!!<3 Thank you for reading my lil ghetto story and Im glad you love it!!!! =D

when it&#8217;s finally 70 degrees and sunny

April  15 7
ganjasims whispered: Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥

Thanks bree <3 Ill be doing Jeremiah for you =D



- Jeremiah was the high school basketball star who was goin pro ( The reason Anaya was messing around with him and ended up pregnant) but a severe knee injury crushed his dreams

- His minimum wage job and poor living conditions sent Anaya packing

-Heart broken over his baby mama he is currently still single

-He is a proud father and wants nothing but the best for his daughter. If Anaya doesnt get her ish together he going for custody of Jane.

-He spend most of his freetime hooping at the local basketball court

April  15 12
applekissims whispered: Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥

Thanks Bby<3 I have several of these so I’ll start with Anaya.



-She is the daughter of my simself && my hubby simself. 

-She is currently not speaking to her parents because did want to live by their strict rules

- Her name is my real name, Ayana , spelled backwards =P

- Anaya is slowly (I mean s-l-o-w-l-y) learning how to be a better mother to her daughter Janae

- She secretly still wants her babydaddy Jeremiah

April  15 16

Smoking always seemed to numb the pain between them. After several blunts Anaya and Tyler were back to being irresistible to each other, but how long would it last? 

Customer : Heard you got that good shit Bro…Brought my girl through so we could try.

Tyler : Bae you feel like having company?

Anaya was so high her only response was soft giggles.

April  9 92

Via Txt From Anaya’s Phone

Hey T where you at?!?! Janae gone off with her father so I wanna smoke…

Im at the spot.

On my way…


April  4 91
anonymous-simmer whispered: Just found your blog, already my favorite. Awesome stuff!

Thanks Boo<3

April  1 5


Tyler kicking it at his trap house

Money, looks, and power was Tyler so, Anaya didn’t hesitate to drop her sweetheart baby-daddy for him. Tyler damn sure couldn’t her pass up on her round ass, beautiful smile, and hazel eyes. Anaya was spoiled, always waiting more, of course money was never a problem. Tyler’s weed funded financial plans keep her needs at bay. Her mouth was a problem though that always seemed to bring the darkness of Tyler.


April  1 63

Anaya called Jeremiah, Janae’s father, over to her house to pick up Janae for a day or two. Her relationship with him didn’t last too long after she moved out of her folks house. Jeremiah couldn’t maintain her spoiled financial demands so, Anaya decided maybe a friendship would be better .

Jeremiah: I came as soon as I got your text. U know I would never pass up chance to spend time with my babygirl.

He reached down to pick up Janae but not without glancing at Anaya face first.

Anaya: When did you cut your hair?..

Jeremiah: When you stopped braiding it, I had trouble trying to keep done so I cut it off. Why the hell are you still letting Tyler put his hands on you around my daughter?!?!

Anaya: Look I didnt call you here to argue too. She is getting big and so busy now!! I am to sore to keep up with her so she can go stay with you for a few days. 

Jeremiah: Ok, I have no problem with that. You need to stop being so spoiled and money hungry because Tyler keeps making it clear he no good for you.

Anaya nodded her head and proceeded to nap on the couch. Jeremiah gathered up the rest if Janae’s things and hit the road.


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Months Later…


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Tamara Spam Bcuz I Didnt Go In Game Yet =/

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Tamara and her temper

Tamara and her temper

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Dinning Space

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