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I’ve been playing around with making objects from scratch.This a preview of my up coming clutter set.inspired from things out of my own makeup truck. =D

What camera mod do you use?

These Are The Camera Mods I Have In My Game Boo =]

* 1 * 2 * 3 *

Anonymous said:
hey yaya, in your post with anthony's updated room, wcif the giant zx letters?


Its from Curio Kitchen Set here nonny<3

What lipgloss do you use?


In my lastest post Im using this one here<3 =]

Yaya brought the babies out to watch 

That face they make when trying to dunk LOL


yayasimblr yo im DEFINITELY cacthing up on ya story tomorrow, I’ve missed so much smh lol. Love you boo 😘

Anonymous said:
Thanks for link. I downloaded it & I THINK I followed the directions correctly. At least I hope I did. When it told me to "extract" the file and I followed the rest of the instructions this is what I got. Another Resource file and inside that folder I pulled out Resource. cfg . I still have Compressed Zipped Resource file below. All in the Mods folder. Sounds right?

Yes, nonny you put that in your mods. So now whenever you download new stuff it will show up in game. =]

YaYa finally dropped them juicy babies. August is up hanging out with her mama. Chauncey, on the other hand, is full of milk. Guess it knocked him and his daddy out. 

Yup I was too lazy to do a hospital scene .>_>

Anonymous said:
Hey, me again boo & Thanks so much for taking the time to help me. ♥ So I was reading the Guide you linked and at Step 4 "You will need to download the Resource cfg file." I clicked on the link which brought me to another website but I couldn't download anything. Any help?

No problem Honey, here I uploaded mines for you. =]

Anonymous said:
First off I wanted to say I love your blog, sims & couture. It's all so beautiful. I'm new to downloading cc off of tumblr. I usually just go to the Sims3 website and use whatever I find there. I was wondering if you would be able to explain to me how to download your things and be able to use them in my game?


Thanks Darling!!! =D Here's a really good tutorial on installing packages. If you encounter trouble just msg me again nonny.

Anaya pulled up to Tyler’s trap house and subconsciously knew it would cause immediate problems. She was upset from not knowing what he was doing, who he was with, and more importantly if he was okay. Terrified at the thought of a police raid or even worse a deal gone bad. She spotted him on the porch and her face instantly changed to a nagging mug. Hearing the screech of the tires threw Tyler off his train of thought.He glanced up to see Anaya charging towards him.

Tyler : DAMN!! Not this shit today Naya!!

He yelled out at her and sighed. From her body language and irritate voice, he knew this was about to be a fight.

Anaya : So you forgot where you live now?!?!?! HUH?!?! Answer Me?!!?!

Tyler : Naya you need to chill talking at me like that!!

Anonymous said:
How do you take car pictures?

I zoom in first ,then I use the tab key camera  to get the angles I want inside the car. Here's good tutorial if your having trouble figuring out how to use it.

A muffled argument can be heard outside as Janae cries in the car.
Anonymous said:
Hey yana, where do you find cc you use in you homes because your interior designs give me life

Me to all of you. :)

Awwww thank you sweet nonny!!<3 This my main stalking ground here Boo. =]