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=D My first mesh ever and i did it from scratch!!! 

=D My first mesh ever and i did it from scratch!!! 

July  24 36
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July  11 90

Somebody’s tired of being pregnant

July  11 96

Finally got justsimmin's Korey and Fam to come visit Yaya && Arick <3

(Anthony is now a child who is currently getting beat by Makayla while they hoop)

July  10 154

I got my game working again this is all I have to show for it… -____-

June  30 163
Anonymous whispered: Idk why anons want Tyler make Anya pregnant knowing that he's a no good guy women hitter. Hmph, I feel bad for her. She needs to leave

Exactly but Anaya is a hard headed heffa!!! Maybe one day she will learn that its more sexier fish in the sea. 


June  12 9
picsimmer whispered: Love your blog 😍😍😍

YAAASSSS Thanks Bew !!!<3 =]

June  12 5

6 months pregnant or not Yaya was determined to find where the hell Anaya was?!?!?

Yaya : I miss our daughter Baby…she needs me I can feel it!!

Arick: Thats our lastest addition to the family your ass is feeling.

Arick chuckled as he tried to rationalize with his hormonal wife.

YaYa: WATEVER you aint even funny!! A mother knows her child…


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June  8 74
You&#8217;ll just have to stay tuned my sweet nonny boo&lt;3 =]
Much appreciation to your ideas tho&#8230;

You’ll just have to stay tuned my sweet nonny boo<3 =]

Much appreciation to your ideas tho…

May  28 12
Anonymous whispered: where do you find your poses tho

I stalk here && here for poses <3

May  21 19

Tyler decided to wake his Bae up the right way…

May  20 126


Got a few requests for these pants. Enjoy yall!!<3=P

FarFetch Wide Leg Pant:

  • Young Adult/Adult Females
  • 3 Non-Castable Pants, The waist band is recolorable
  • Everyday, 
  • Some bonus textures not pictured that are included also but I cant remember how many I did LOL


Do Not Claim As Your Own && No Re-Uploading

Download (package)

Please Reblog For Me!!!! <3

*Credits* Mesh by AllAboutStyle

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I just love her face tho&#8230;

I just love her face tho…

May  12 58